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UVALDE, Texas (WJW/AP) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the suspected gunman in the Texas elementary school shooting posted messages on Facebook in the 30 minutes before the massacre.

During a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Abbott said Salvador Ramos, 18, first said: “I’m going to shoot my grandmother.” Shortly after, he wrote: “I shot my grandmother.”

Less than 15 minutes before opening fire at Robb Elementary School, Abbott said Ramos worte: “I’m going to shoot an elementary school.”

A Facebook spokesman says messages were private. Andy Stone says the messages “were private one-to-one text messages that were discovered after the terrible tragedy.” He said Facebook is cooperating with investigators.

Abbott said during the press conference that Ramos was a high school dropout with no known criminal history. He may have had a juvenile record, said Abbott, and had no known mental health issues.

Abbott said Ramos used an AR-15 in the attack. Nineteen children and two teachers were killed. Seventeen others were injured in the attack. Ramos was also killed.

“Evil swept across Uvalde yesterday,” Abbott said. “But it is far more evil for someone to gun down little kids. It is intolerable and it is unacceptable for us to have in the state anybody who would kill little kids in our schools.”

Police say Ramos shot and wounded his grandmother shortly before the massacre.

They say he then killed 19 children and two teachers at the Texas school Tuesday after barricading himself inside a classroom. All victims were in the same fourth-grade classroom at Robb Elementary School. The gunman was shot and killed by authorities.