PINELLAS PARK, Florida (WJW) – A Tesla that was being towed after Hurricane Idalia spontaneously caught fire.

Video of the aftermath was captured by James McLynas in Pinellas Park, Florida.

You can see the charred remains of the vehicle being towed away from the scene.

According to McLynas, the driver had picked up the flood-damaged Tesla from a storm-damaged home and was towing it back when it suddenly burst into flames. To save his truck, the driver swiftly offloaded the burning car onto the street, leaving burnt tow dollies beneath it.

Upon the arrival of the Pinellas Park Fire Department, firefighters attempted to extinguish the fire, but it kept reigniting despite their efforts. Eventually, they made the decision to let the vehicle burn out completely. McLynas expressed his shock at the extent of the destruction, stating that only a charred shell remained of the Tesla.

“This was all that was left,” McLynas wrote in his post on YouTube.

Reports from the Pinellas Park Fire Department indicated that they suspected saltwater, likely from the hurricane’s flooding, may have been a contributing factor to the ignition. However, a comprehensive investigation is expected to determine the exact cause of the fire.

No injuries were reported.