CLEVELAND (WJW) — Severe storms dumped hail and heavy rain across Northeast Ohio Saturday.

But it was the powerful winds that toppled trees, snapped power lines and ripped the roofs off homes, businesses, even churches and schools, that left people to pick up the pieces from Cuyahoga County south to Stark County.

The storm is being blamed for at least one death, after a tree fell onto a home in Trumbull County. Saturday evening, thousands of families across Northeast Ohio still did not have power.

Besides the death in Trumbull County, it appears no one else was hurt.

“My wife and I were here right about 10 minutes before the winds kicked up and we heard a noise and kind of the winds blow and all of a sudden, looking outside the church window, the roof was flapping in the breeze,” recalled Dan Gerstenberger, trustee chair for Cuyahoga Falls Pilgrim United Church of Christ.

Strong winds from powerful storm Saturday afternoon ripped through the church.

“Then we heard a lot of ‘ka-thunks” as the air conditioning units that were also on the roof, broke free and fell … one flipped over upstairs, it’s still on the roof and the other one’s laying on the sidewalk, underneath that debris behind me,” said Gerstenberger.

From inside the church the damage is more evident. One of the huge air conditioners coming to rest on a sidewalk on one of the outside entrances to the 190-year-old church.

Services here are canceled Sunday, but the pastor was certain that would God made a way.

“We will not be meeting at 10:00 here tomorrow we share our pastor with First Christian, which is two blocks north of here, and so we’re going to go join their congregation for Palm Sunday service at 11:00 instead of 10:00 here,” said the trustee.

Few parts of Northeast Ohio were spared the storm’s wrath.

Small hail hits the windshield of a FOX 8 photographers vehicle in Bedford Heights as he drives around the area recording storm damage.

That includes a huge tree that fell onto a home in Cleveland Heights, fortunately, no one was injured.

“It was terrible,” said Riley Gerber.

Riley Gerber was staring out his front door in Plain Township, near Canton when a wind gust, toppled a giant tree in his backyard, destroying a fence, tearing down an electrical pole and leaving him and his wife at home in the dark.

“That’s when the roof of the school went, before that must’ve broke that pole and a big ball of fire lit up the whole house, scared the hell outta me,” Gerber said.

Just across the street, the storm heavily damaged the roof of the Glenwood Intermediate School where Josh and Jennifer’s 5th grader attends.

“The main concern would be what they’re gonna do with the kids, you know, until they figure out what’s wrong with the building, see if it’s safe or not for them to be there,” said parent Josh Bowman.

Plain Local Schools superintendent Brent May tells FOX 8 that a structural engineer from Pittsburgh will evaluate the entire building on Sunday.

Once he has official answers, he will inform parents if classes will be impacted next week.

“Hopefully, they get it resolved pretty quick and the kids are back in school … last week was spring break,” said parent Jessica Bowman.

There are pictures circulating on social media that show the damage to the school is more than cosmetic, that there are actual holes and openings in the roof.

The storm caused some minor to moderate flooding in places as well.