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STREETSBORO, Ohio — The boy who shot and killed his 11-year-old brother last April, when he was 13, will remain in juvenile detention until he is 21 years old.

The shooting happened at a home on Alden Drive in Streetsboro in April 2018.

Investigators said Elijah Lishing broke into his grandfather’s gun closet to steal a handgun and shot his brother, Caleb, in the back as he lay in bed.

Investigators also said the shooting was a “premeditated act.”

Friday, a judge sentenced Elijah to remain in juvenile detention until he turns 21.  At that point officials will re-evaluate his case.

Elijah and Caleb were adopted as babies after being taken from a young mother who struggled with addiction.

At a hearing last week in Portage County Juvenile Court to determine how long Elijah should spend behind bars for murder, a psychologist testified that Elijah already had suffered significant neglect by the time he was placed with the Lishings. The doctor said he continued to suffer more neglect in the Lishing’s home.

Elijah told the doctor that he was berated and beaten and suffered harsh punishments which included being locked in a dark garage for hours at a time and forced to kneel on rice when he was as young as five.

The psychologist claimed Elijah’s adoptive mother, Dena, never really wanted him and focused all of her energy on a premature Caleb who had critical medical needs. “The event,” meaning the murder of Caleb, “took place because he thought it was a way out of the home of his adopted father.”

According to the doctor, Elijah suffers from reactive attachment disorder and never formed emotional bonds with his parents or his brother. He acted out in ways that got him into trouble; stealing, lying and lighting fires. He twice tried to commit suicide and has received intensive counseling and mental health services but, according to the doctor, it came too late.

***To learn more about Elijah and Caleb’s past and see FOX 8’s Stacey Frey’s interview with their biological mother, watch the video above***

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