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BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (WJW) — A student from Bay High School recalls the terrifying moment they were sent into lockdown after a possible threat was reported.

“We were just trying to gather things to use against the person if they came into our classroom,” said Cullen Gergye, who was in English class at the time.

He said rumors were going around that an alleged gunman was hiding in the bathroom, so he decided to kick out a window for everyone to escape through. Once they made it outside, police directed them to a church nearby.

“We were just trying to get out as fast as we could,” the teen said.

Bay Village Police Chief Kathy Leasure revealed new details about the lockdown during a press conference. She said a male had contacted police claiming someone was hiding in the bathroom with guns and knives, threatening to shoot up the school. However, nothing was ever found.

“Mutual aid was requested from the surrounding agencies, a systematic search of the school was conducted and no credible threats nor weapons were found,” Leasure said.

Students were eventually evacuated from the building and are now reuniting with their families.

The district thanked everyone for their cooperation during the lockdown.

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