The big reveal: Apple unveils new iPads, iPhones and watches

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SAN FRANCISCO — Tim Cook has unveiled the new iPad Pro and Apple Watches at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for another one of Apple’s patented press events.

iPad Pro

As expected, Apple is making a bigger, faster iPad. The iPad Pro is 12.9 inches. It’s the same height as the iPad Air, so you can run iPad Air apps side by side. The screen has 5.6 million pixels — more than a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina display.

The iPad Pro starts at $799.


Inside it’s much faster. The iPad Pro has a new A9X 64-bit chip. It’s 1.8 times faster than the previous iPad’s CPU (“desktop class” according to Apple executive Phil Schiller). It is powerful enough to edit three streams of 4K video at a time. It has a 10-hour battery life, is super thin, weighs just over 1.5 lbs.

“Why make an iPad with a bigger display?” asked Schiller. Good question!

Games and movies look better on a bigger screen, he said. It’s big enough to have a full-size keyboard on the screen. If you don’t want to type on the screen, Apple has made a new smart keyboard that doubles as a cover, Microsoft Surface-style. The keyboard is coated with a thin fabric.

The company is also making its own stylus, but with the usual over-the-top design and marketing. Yes, it’s the Apple Pencil, a low latency stylus that feels like a real pencil. It even got its own Jony Ive narrated videos. it “feels like a true writing or drawing instrument,” said Ive.

As the name implies, the iPad Pro’s real target audience is business users. To show that it’s serious, Apple brought out a very unexpected partner to demo the iPad Pro: Microsoft’s Kirk Konenigsbauer. He demonstrated Microsoft Office for iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil.

Adobe also demoed its IPad Pro apps including a new product called Photoshop Fix, a retouching tool. Using the iPad Pro and new stylus, Adobe’s Eric Snowden did some realtime edits including the odd choice of changing a photo of a model to make her smile more. (It was the first woman on stage during the presentation.)

For the final demo, Irene Walsh from 3D4Medical showed off her startups 3D medical app that shows 3D interactive anatomy images for medical students and patients.

The company also announced a new iPad Mini 4.

Apple TV

Apple also unveiled a new Apple TV powered by Siri and new touch-enabled remote. It will also give developers the ability to create apps for the new Apple TV.

Tim Cook called it ‘the future of television.”

Apple Watch

The company kicked off the event with an update about the Apple Watch.

Fashionista’s now have more band options. The biggest addition is a wrap-around brown leather Hermés band, which will be available in October. The watch itself now comes in gold and rose gold, and there are new sports bands options as well.

The smart device was released in April. There are now more than 10,000 watch apps, including a few new important additions. Facebook Messenger’s app will let you send text, audio and location messages. GoPro’s app acts as a viewfinder for your camera. iTranslate lets you speak a word and get a translation and AirStrip is a took for medical professionals. It’s also adding transit directions to the included Maps app.

The company is also due to update its iPhone line. One of the more intriguing rumors is that Apple is working on a larger version of its iPad to appeal to professionals and businesses.

When it comes to these events, Apple is a well-oiled machine. Led by Tim Cook, a roster of Apple execs and some special guests will take the stage to unveil the latest products. A similar production happens every fall, giving the company a nice lead time before the holidays to build anticipation for new products.

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