Release the iPhones! First fans get iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus


(Credit: FOX 8’s Todd Meany)

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WOODMERE, Ohio — Apple enthusiasts were lined up and ready to be among the first to own the new models Friday.

At the Crocker Park and Eton locations, lines stretched around the building.

Apple now offers the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  They’re bigger, rounder and faster.

People are also excited about Apple Pay, a digital wallet coming out in October.

All you have to do is put your finger on the phone’s fingerprint sensor and hold it up to the register.

“It’s finally the better screen, the NFC technology, so you can use the Apple Pay.  It makes your purchases more secure.  And it’s an Apple product – you can’t go wrong,” said John Adams, who was in line at Crocker Park overnight.

“It’s the newest the greatest, they’re finally gonna let you use some third party apps. Better screen, better camera. Pretty much it’s just all around the best out there at the moment,” said Richard Wagner, who also got a spot in line.

Apple also unveiled the Apple Watch, which does more than any other smartwatch on the market today.

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