Buyer’s Block? Try Gifting Search Engines


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It calls itself “the smart gifting engine” and it hit the web just in time for this year’s holiday buying spree. generates personalized gift recommendations by connecting with Facebook or allowing users to build custom friend profiles.

The site provides a list of popular interests (such as books, movies and sports teams) and lets you add additional interests to tailor the search to fit the friend or family member for whom you’re looking for gift ideas.

Once the gift suggestions populate (a present spins as you wait), you can refine the search by price or interest.

While some of its ideas are generic, it also has some surprises in store.

For example, when “Christmas Vacation” was entered as an interest in the “movies” category, recommended the special edition of the movie (generic).

But it also conjured up the Christmas Vacation Walley World Marty Moose hat, which is something shoppers may not have considered. is not necessarily a one-stop shopping solution, but it’s one of the gifting search engines out there that could help spark your imagination.

The tool, launched on Nov. 6, was founded by Brett DiDonato and is based out of Hoboken, NJ.

Just for fun, asked our on-air personalities to list their interests so we could give a test drive.

The site suggested the gifts in the photo gallery above.

*This blog is not an endorsement of or any of the products it recommended.  It is also not a request for viewers to purchase gifts for Fox 8 News personalities.

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