PEPPER PIKE, Ohio (WJW) – The Orange Teachers Association is calling out administrators after the high school’s PA system failed to notify parts of the building during a recent lockdown.

The teachers union voted “no confidence” in Superintendent Dr. Lynn Campbell and his administrative team, the FOX 8 I-Team learned Friday.

“The superintendent and his administrative team have failed time and again to deliver what we
need to best serve the students of this district,” said OTA President David Miller in a press release. “It is unfortunate that our present leadership does not, or chooses not, to understand the history of successful collaboration and cooperation between the OTA and district leadership that has made Orange Schools excellent.”

OTA says the vote comes after recent safety concerns at the high school.

According to investigators, a bullet was found in the cafeteria on May 2. An 18-year-old student later came forward, telling investigators he had a gun in his car.

The student, Nolan Rosen, was arrested and faces a charge for the weapon and inducing panic.

The school was placed on lockdown, but administrators admitted that parts of the building weren’t aware due to a PA system malfunction.

In a statement sent to FOX 8, Superintendent Campbell said, in part, “The PA system was functioning properly throughout most of the building, there were some areas that did not receive the announcement, or the announcement was muffled. This included the Multi-Use Facility where voters were accessing the polls at the west end of the facility.”

The I-Team later reviewed emails that show teachers repeatedly raising concerns about issues with the intercom system.

“Students cannot learn and teachers cannot teach when they do not believe they are in a safe environment,” Miller said. “After discussing the emergency communications systems all year and being assured everything was in working order, we found that in a crisis this was not the case. This is unacceptable.”

The superintendent previously told FOX 8 that student and staff safety is their top priority and they’re continuing to look into the situation, along with ongoing “drills” and “safety discussions” in the district.