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ROCKDALE COUNTY, Georgia — A Georgia teacher is on administrative leave after threatening a student.

April Carr sent a video to FOX 5 in Atlanta that shows a teacher threatening her 11th-grade son.

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office identified the teacher as Paul Hagen.

“I’m serious, dude,” Hagen said in the video. “If you screw with me, you’re going to get in big [expletive] trouble.”

“Don’t smile at me, man,” the teacher continued. “That’s how people like you get shot. I got a bet. I bet, by the time you’re 21, somebody is going to put a bullet in your head. OK? And it might be me, the one who does it.”

“I’m upset, hurt and confused,” Carr told FOX 5.

She admits her son’s behavior in the classroom sparked the rant.

“He definitely should have been paying attention, getting his lesson… and doing what he was supposed to be doing,” she said.

Carr said Hagen apologized to her son after the incident. But she wants the teacher to be fired.

A school spokesperson told FOX 5 that incident remains under investigation.

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