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AKRON, Ohio– A teacher in the Akron Public School District is on administrative leave after a 7-year-old student says she stepped on a needle while taking out the school trash.

“I was just helping out,” said Kaylynn Greathouse, a student at David Hill Elementary School in Akron.

Kaylynn said a teacher asked her to take out the trash Wednesday, but in doing so, the little girl accidentally stepped on a needle.

“I dumped the trash out and it fell out, I think. And then I set the trash down and then I stepped on it,” said Kaylynn.

But according to her parents, the school never sent Kaylynn to the nurse or even contacted them.

“The school didn’t call me. They didn’t send her to the nurse’s office. They put a band-aid on her foot,” said Corey Greathouse, father.

“We checked her foot and then took her to Akron Children’s Hospital. You could see a pinhole in her foot,” added Jennifer Sands, mother.

The family spent the evening Wednesday at Akron Children’s Hospital, getting checked for infections.

“It’s nothing any parent wants to go through. She’s down there crying while they are pulling blood out of her,” said Greathouse.

According to Akron Public Schools, they can confirm that a needle was improperly disposed of at David Hill Wednesday.

They said in a statement, “All schools have Sharps containers and all employees are advised of and aware of proper disposal methods. Due to privacy concerns, we don’t necessarily know which employees (in this case) may be diabetic.”

“You shouldn’t have those in trash cans in school. And I didn’t know I sent my kid to school to be a janitor, throwing away the trash cans; I don’t understand that either,” added Greathouse.

Thursday afternoon, the district placed the teacher on administrative leave.

As for Kaylynn, she said she’s learned an important lesson.

“I’m never taking out the trash,” said Kaylynn.

“I don’t think they should let the kids touch the trash, or even take it out at all,” added her mother.