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CANTON, Ohio (WJW) — Letters now coming to Stark County residents claim they haven’t been paying their taxes and threaten property seizures.

But though they may appear legitimate, they’re completely bogus, authorities said Monday.

The letters claim to be from the “Tax Processing Unit of Stark County, Public Judgment Records” — which does not exist — and include the recipient’s full name and address, as well as a filing number from “The Federal Tax Authorities”, according to a Monday news release from the Stark County Prosecutor’s Office.

The letters appear to be a final demand for nonpayment of taxes, and gives recipients a toll-free number to call before a certain date to avoid “enforcement,” like property seizures.

“A letter of this kind has not been sent by The Stark County Treasurer’s Office or any other office within Stark County government,” prosecutors wrote in the release. “The letter has no affiliation with the county’s collection attempts.”

How to spot a fake

Prosecutors offered tips for residents to protect themselves from scams. Keep an eye out for these clues that may suggest a letter is fake:

Look for typos or misspellings of common words and improper use of punctuation.

Avoid the urge to act immediately. Don’t be pressured into making immediate payments.

Do your due diligence. Look online to see if others have reported receiving similar letters.

Talk with someone you trust. Always check with someone else to see if what you received seems suspicious.

Report suspicious letters to local authorities.

To report a scam to the Ohio Attorney General’s fraud unit, use the online form found on the office’s website.