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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The attorney for Tamir Rice‘s family is speaking out after a former Cleveland police officer who shot and killed the 12-year-old was sworn in as an officer in Pennsylvania.

Timothy Loehmann was sworn in as a police officer for the Tioga Borough Police Department on Tuesday, according to reports from WETM.

Loehmann shot and killed Rice in November 2014 outside the Cudell Recreation Center, responding to calls that someone was waving a gun at people. Within seconds of two officers arriving, Loehmann opened fire on Tamir, believing he was reaching for the weapon, which turned out to be a toy gun.

He was fired from the department in 2017.

The DOJ closed its investigation in late 2020 citing insufficient evidence to support federal criminal charges against the two officers involved.

Now, Attorney Subodh Chandra, who represents the Rice family, released the following statement:

Tioga officials apparently don’t care whether a police officer was considered mentally unfit for one department, lied on his application to another, rushed upon and slew a child, and then lied about calling out warnings to Tamir—when his window was rolled up on a winter’s day. Loehmann—who should never again be entrusted with a badge and gun—is shamelessly determined to inflict himself upon other communities. He’s also determined to hurt the family of Tamir Rice with his antics when he should just go live the rest of his life—life he deprived Tamir of—in shame. Let’s hope Tioga residents have the good sense to question the poor judgment of their misguided and indifferent officials.

Every time Timothy Loehmann testifies in a criminal case, Tioga officials and prosecutors will be required to provide defendants and defense counsel Loehmann’s record of lying, which is known as Brady evidence. He’s damaged goods and no community should ever want him responsible for enforcing their laws. Officials who do are betraying the trust of their citizens.

Cleveland Police Union President Jeff Follmer also released a statement:

“Timothy Loehmann was cleared of all charges with his use of force. The only administrative charges after a civilian review was that he was found to have allegedly lied on his application. Timothy Loehmann was not given a fair chance in this area and deserves a fair chance in another city.”