Recipe Box: Watch video above for some more turkey tips

(WJW) — With Thanksgiving Day mere hours away, you might be preoccupied with planning the perfect meal, complete with turkey and all the trimmings.

Whether you’re wondering what size turkey to buy, looking for that perfect recipe or just need to ask a quick question about that holiday meal you only cook once a year, Butterball has you covered – for the 41st year and counting.

Nov. 1 was the launch day when Butterball opened up their talk line for all things turkey. Call 1-800-BUTTERBALL text 844-877-3456 for decades of question-answering experience.

To plan those perfect proportions or for how long you’ll need to thaw out and cook your bird, you might find their calculators and conversions helpful.

The stress of planning that unforgettable meal and entertain a houseful of guests calls for a mental health check. Butterball has planned for that, too. Check out and download this day-by-day Comfort Calendar for emotional support throughout the holiday season.

Christmas is four weeks away…