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CLEVELAND – With the Republican National Convention just months away, a Cleveland convention hotel is really taking shape.  Fox 8 got a look at the progress inside the new Cleveland Hilton Hotel and the hundreds of jobs it will bring to the region.

Hotel general manager Teri Agosta says hotel construction is right on schedule and it is expected open on June first of this year.

The new downtown hotel is taking shape inside and out, ready to host hundreds of guests coming to town for the Republican National Convention in July.

Agosta showed off a typical double room on the 15th floor.  She says each of the 600 hotel rooms will have one of 13 depictions of architectural designs from around Cleveland.

“This one right here represents the Cleveland Museum of Art,” she demonstrated.

Restaurants in the hotel are named for important Cleveland historical figures and the meeting rooms are named for noteworthy bridges in town.

The hotel will be connected to the convention center and will be central for guests attending the RNC.

“We’re calling it the front door to Cleveland, so as people come through the hotel for their meeting or for their event, they can go and experience the rest of the city,” said Agosta.

The Cleveland Hilton will be sporting new technology for the hotel industry.  In addition to being able to tap a key card to get into the room, guests can also use a cell phone, have it programmed to be used as a key.

“We are really looking for attitude, we’re not requiring experience for most positions,” said Director of Human Resources, Kelly Rose.

In coming months, the Hilton will hire nearly 300 people for front-line positions…like housekeeping, front desk clerks, and cooks.

“We want to give to Cleveland to get people jobs that are, you know, not working and that are looking to get into this career,” Rose said.

The hotel will have several bars and restaurants, including Bar 32, that has stunning indoor and outdoor views on the top, 32nd floor.  Hilton execs say the hotel will help change the dynamics and economics of Cleveland.

“This year alone, we’re probably going to bring in over a quarter million people that have never seen Cleveland, so right after the RNC, we have groups layered in all the way until the end of the year,” Acosta said.

Near the end of February, job seekers will have a chance to meet Hilton executives and see what jobs are available.

March first, the jobs will be posted online, and then they will have a couple of mass hiring fairs at the convention center in April.

Although the hotel officially opens June first…they are currently only taking reservations beginning in August and beyond.

You can click here for the Hilton job website.