(WBOY) — Taco Bell announced that it is offering millions of dollars in free tacos to celebrate the freeing of the trademark on “Taco Tuesday.”

After Taco John’s “courageously decided to abandon its Taco Tuesday trademark registration,” Taco Bell said it is offering two upcoming deals that have something for all taco lovers, even if they don’t eat Taco Bell.

The first deal is a free seasoned Beef Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos on Tuesday, Aug. 15, Aug. 22, Aug. 29, and Sept. 5, no purchase is needed. The deal is good for one taco per person, per day, and is only available during open hours, while supplies last, and at participating locations.

If you’re thinking, “What could possibly be better than free tacos from Taco Bell?” how about free tacos from anywhere? For the second part of the Taco Tuesday celebrations, Taco Bell is offering $5 million worth of tacos through DoorDash on Tuesday, Sept. 12 — and not only at Taco Bell. According to the Tuesday release, the taco tab will cover a portion of Dashers’ Mexican cuisine from any participating vendor.

“Taco Tuesday belongs to all who make, sell, eat, and celebrate tacos, and this Free-For-All will not only thank taco fans who supported the cause but will also spotlight local restaurants and vendors who can now embrace Taco Tuesdays without fear of legal action,” Taco Bell U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, Taylor Montgomery.

The registration on the “Taco Tuesday” copyright was canceled in July in every state except New Jersey, so the free tacos will be available in the other 49 states only and will not apply to where tacos have not been “freed.”