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CLEVELAND, OH – West 25th in Ohio City was just repaved, and from the looks of it, construction is almost over. But, before crews finish up, Bike Cleveland has a request.

“It’s striped to get bike lanes and right now it’s pre-marked with a buffer for the bike actually against the curb,” said Executive Director Jacob VanSickle. “What we’d like to see as best practice, is move the buffer closer to the motor vehicle so that bikes can be closer to the curb and have a little bit more space.”

He said it would make more sense to flip the two lanes.

He also points out that he hasn’t seen this kind of design in any other cities.

“We posted a call for action on our website encouraging people that are concerned about this striping plan and are concerned about bike safety to contact the Mayor’s office to have him tell his staff to make sure that this is done right,” said VanSickle.

Not everyone thinks it’s such a big deal though. Joe Kelley is an avid bike rider and said he’s happy they’re even getting bike lanes.

“I mean there wasn’t one before. So you know beggars can’t be choosers, that’s how I look at it,” he said.

VanSickle obviously feels a little differently and hopes the city will reconsider its plans.

“There’s always opportunity to change until the paint is down and even after its down, the paints down, there’s opportunity to change, but we would like to see this done the first time,” he said.

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