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LORAIN, Ohio– Lorain police say an out-of-control SUV crashed into a home so hard it demolished part of the house Thursday afternoon.

The car was going so fast it knocked a good portion of the house right off of its foundation, exposing the inside of the house and prompting calls to 911.

“We had a vehicle come through our parking lot in our front yard straight across the street. It took out our support to our overhang,” the caller told 911.

The blue Ford Escape was traveling down busy Oberlin Avenue when it went off the road, striking a utility pole, ripping down wires and shattering the SUV’s windows. The vehicle split a pole in half and tire tracks in the mud showed the SUV missed a large tree by inches.

A mom, dad and their 14-year-old son were in the house, and told police the crash sounded like an explosion. They were not hurt.

Neighbor Buddy Patterson said it’s a miracle the family wasn’t hurt and believes the SUV was going over 60 mph, nearly double the speed limit.

“They drive like nuts everybody. I do 35 to 40 mph because I got older and smarter, but everybody flies up and down Oberlin Avenue like it’s a race track and it has to stop,” Patterson said.

Lorain Police Cpt. Michael Failing said they’re looking into what made the female driver crash. She was taken to a hospital, and treated and released.

“We’re still investigating as to whether it’s a medical problem or an alcohol related problem,” Failing said.

The family told police they were just several feet away from where the SUV plowed into their home.

“It could have been very serious. They could have been killed getting hit by a car. We’ve had in the past where cars have hit houses and people have died,” Failing said.

For safety reasons, the gas line to the house had to be shut off, so until the utilities are restored, the family is staying with relatives.