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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered a carjacking outside the terminal at Hopkins Airport as robbers took a car even with a woman still inside.

The carjackers pushed her out before they hit the highway, but this comes weeks after the I-Team revealed a woman attacked while walking to her car in a Hopkins Airport parking lot.

Listening to audio from Cleveland Police radio, you can hear a dispatcher say, “They’ve had a kidnapping-carjacking at the airport. Woman is in the car and the suspects are two juveniles.”

It happened as a woman sat in the passenger seat outside the terminal while her husband went inside to look for someone.

A police report states that one carjacker got in the driver’s seat and the other got in the back behind the victim. Then, he put his arm around her chest and neck, telling her he had a gun so that she could not leave.

The woman told police she fought until the carjackers let her go.

An officer can be heard on police radio saying, “Female’s not in the vehicle. She was pushed out of it.”

In September, we showed you an airport worker attacked as she walked to her car. In that case, police arrested a sex offender.

We’ve learned that the airport has also had some trouble with stolen cars. Investigators believe they had questioned the suspects in the carjacking earlier in the day.

A report refers to “suspicious males in the parking garage checking out cars.” Police found the suspects in a stairwell. They claimed to be teens, but police believe they may have lied about their identities.

They got away after the carjacking.

The airport is now “evaluating” security. We’ve learned the latest incident immediately sparked a meeting between police and airport administrators about how to prevent something like this again.

That’s specially the case with holiday travel kicking into high gear in just a matter of weeks.