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CLEVELAND– The man accused of murdering a 74-year-old on Facebook on Sunday posted other videos.

Steve Stephens, 37, shot and killed a man on East 93rd Street in Cleveland Sunday afternoon, the Cleveland Division of Police said. He remains on the loose.

The man who called 911 told dispatch he found a man who appeared to have been shot. The caller also reported hearing gunfire.

Steve Stephens

In a separate Facebook post, Stephens claimed responsibility for 13 murders. According to police, officers searched the area and there are no other known victims.

“I snapped. Dog, I just snapped,” Stephens said on his Facebook page. “I just killed 13 mother f****** . I just killed 13 people. And I’m about to keep killing until, until, until they catch me.”

Stephens is 6 foot 1 and and weighs 244 pounds. He is bald with a full beard. Police said he is driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary tag E363630. He is considered armed and dangerous.

“I’m going to kill as many people as I can,” Stephens said in one of three videos. “Innocent people are about to die today.”

Cleveland police identified the only victim as Robert Godwin, Sr., 74.

If you have information on Stephens, please call 911.

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