PASADENA, Texas (KIAH/NEXSTAR) — Less than a day after police in Pasadena, Texas, identified a person of interest in connection with the murder of an 11-year-old girl, authorities in Louisiana arrested the suspect believed to be involved.

Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, 18, was arrested and charged with capital murder in connection to the death of Maria Gonzalez, who was found dead last Saturday in the apartment she shared with her father.

Police in Louisiana have arrested a man in connection with the murder of Maria Gonzalez, who was found murdered last week in the Texas apartment she shared with her father. (Pasadena Police Department)

Garcia-Rodriguez was identified as a person of interest on Friday. Police said he lived in the same apartment complex as Gonzalez and her father.

In the time since, officials said they found evidence and “corroborating information” implicating Garcia-Rodriguez. He was apprehended in Shreveport, Louisiana, police said.

Investigators have been trying to piece together the events surrounding Gonzalez’s murder since last week, after her father found her body inside a plastic trash bag that was placed inside a laundry basket and concealed under a bed. Authorities said she had also been sexually assaulted.

Police did not disclose many details of the investigation that led to Garcia-Rodriguez being identified as a person of interest, though the Pasadena Police Department announced Thursday that a single key — which did not unlock any doors at the apartment Gonzalez shared with her father — was found at the crime scene.

Police also said they worked with the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences to assist with “multiple pieces of evidence.”

Garcia-Rodriguez remained in the custody of Shreveport police as of Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that police said the man suspected of sexually assaulting and killing Maria hid her body under her bed in her family’s suburban Houston apartment.