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You know that macaroni necklace you made for your mother when you were a kid? She said she liked it, but probably lied.

That’s the findings of a new survey from Groupon.

Reactions like “thank you,” “awww,” “I love it,” and “I really needed one of these” could be a sign that your mom is among the 40-percent who fake their reactions to Mother’s Day gifts.

What does mom really want for her special day? She wants something with sentimental meaning, to be taken out for brunch, a homemade item, a family trip, or a simple card, the survey found.

The survey also found there is a lot of sibling rivalry when it comes to what to get mom.

The survey found 66-percent of Americans check in with their siblings to see what they are getting for mom. Of those, 55-percent will deliberately try to give their mom a better gift than their brother or sister.

While the average person spends $75 on gifts for mom, the survey found the middle child ends up spending the most.

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