(KTLA/WJW) — Every American football fan has been there. You’re cheering on your favorite team when another fan starts attracting more attention than the action on the field.

Maybe they’re too drunk, heckling players or officials, or challenging another fan to a fight (or all three).

Looking to avoid that kind of behavior? NJ.Bet has your back.

The website polled 1,150 NFL fans last month and ranked each fanbase based on rudeness — so where do Cleveland Browns fans fall?

In what probably comes as no surprise to many, the Philadelphia Eagles took home the rudest fanbase. After all, these are the same supporters who pelted Santa Claus with snowballs and threw D cell batteries at their own players, as confirmed by a coach who won a Super Bowl with the team.

But the biggest gripe with the Eagles faithful? Starting too many fights. Same with the second-place Las Vegas Raiders. The Dallas Cowboys apparently “heckle too much.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars, meanwhile, were the nicest. And the Browns fans … aren’t the rudest … but they certainly aren’t the nicest. They landed at No. 11 on the list, with their rudest behavior listed as “get too drunk.”

The coach and the quarterback with the thinnest skin? Well, the Browns weren’t on those lists. But the New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick, the study found, certainly did, taking the top spot, while Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB (and former longtime Patriot) Tom Brady was the most easily offended player.

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