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ADA, Ohio (WJW) – No team from Ohio will participate in this year’s Super Bowl, but the Buckeye State will play a huge role in Super Bowl 57, just like it has for the last 56 Super Bowls. You can’t have the big game without a ball, and that’s where Ohio comes in.

Two hundred twenty-eight Footballs will be used for Super Bowl 57.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs each get 108 footballs.

Fifty-four of them will be used for practice. Fifty-four will be brought to the game.

There will be 12 kicking footballs used and they are all manufactured in a small town in northwest Ohio – Ada.

“We are the largest leather football manufacturer in the world,” said Andy Wentling, plant manager at the Wilson Football Factory.

The Wilson FootballFactory is where each NFL football used for the big game is made.

 “Everything is done by people here, nothing automated in any way, we rely on people 100 percent,” he said.

The football begins with the cutout. It will go through 20 different steps within the 38,000-square-foot building and it will touch numerous hands along the way before it’s finally ready for play.

“When you get around the fans and you see it on TV, there is a lot of pride to that, you know the hard work and the craftsmanship that passion, these folks are very passionate about their game balls,” said Wentling. “If they walked one football from station to station it would take about 15 minutes to complete, but because they make so many footballs in mass it takes about 30 days from start to finish.”

The Wilson factory manufactures 2,000 footballs a day, 10,000 a week.

An NFL Super Bowl football will cost you about $150.