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SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — The Summit County Sheriff’s Office is warning of another set of scams that are preying on people during the holiday season.

This time, callers claiming to be from either Apple or Amazon are attempting to get residents’ passwords and credit card numbers, the office reported. Callers reportedly receive recorded messages claiming there’s been “suspicious activity” on their account, which is completely bogus.

The sheriff’s office offered the following advice for those who do receive calls like this:

  • Remember, you can always hang up
  • Never press 1 (like the scammers want you to) to speak with “customer support”
  • Never call back a phone number they give
  • Never give out your personal information

In a Facebook post, country prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh said that people should avoid answering a phone call from any unrecognized number altogether.

“Answering the call could put you on a ‘suckers’ list and open you up to more calls,” Bevan Walsh said. “Scammers try to get you to make quick, emotional decisions. Sometimes it’s best to stop and think before you answer.”

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