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SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — A stay at home health advisory has been issued in Summit County through Dec. 16 in response to a rapid increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

According to a press release, the advisory urges all residents to stay at home to the greatest extent possible. It states that residents should only leave home to go to work or school or for essential needs like seeking medical care, going to the grocery store or pharmacy, picking up food or receiving deliveries.

“We are quickly approaching a tipping point in the county and the state. We must take collective
action beginning today. If we do not, we are putting the lives of our friends, family and
neighbors at risk and threatening the ability of our hospitals to provide care to patients,” said
Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro. “We have all made immense sacrifices this year. We all are feeling exhausted, but I am asking the residents of Summit County to continue to prioritize the health and safety of our community.”

Residents are also strongly advised to avoid traveling in and out of the state, forgo having guests in their homes during the holiday season and utilize online communications whenever possible.

The advisory also encourages employees to move as many employees as possible to working from home. Businesses and local governments are advised to move as many transactions and functions as possible to online, and schools are directed to monitor cases within their district and community.

Cuyahoga and Medina counties are also currently under stay at home advisories. A statewide curfew aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus also goes into effect across Ohio Thursday night.