AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – A little water on a hot day is a good thing, but when you can have a lot of water from a gauntlet of fire trucks, that even better.

Then, you throw in a sea of foam and you have the best day of summer camp.

After two years of a COVID hiatus, Fire Truck Day at Portage Lakes State Park is back. Also back are the children and young adults who spend a few weeks at Burn Camp, courtesy of the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children fund.

The camp is for children who were injured in house fires or through other accidents.

“Seeing who else has burns and that, but we can all relate because we all have the same issue and we can all help each other get past it,” camper Josh Goray said.

Fire Truck Day is also a chance for firefighters to get out of the turnout gear and have a little fun on the job.

A dozen fire companies from around Summit County get to let loose.

“These kids here, after what happened to them, sometimes they feel a little different. They can come here, be themselves and have fun and enjoy the beautiful day we got,” Norton Firefighter Brandon Earnsberger said.

Akron Fire Captain Sierjie says this is a way to show the children that everyone from the firefighters to the burn specialists at Akron Children’s Hospital loves them and everyone is always here to help.

“They get to meet the firefighters, meet the burn nurses on a very good day without any trauma. They get to meet families and meet with other fire survivor families. They get to do a lot of things,” Sierjie said.

Fire Truck Day at Portage Lakes has been a part of the summer for more than 20 years.

Learn more about Aluminum Cans for Burned Children here.