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AKRON, Ohio – It’s been two and a half years since Shelly Bornstein of Uniontown lost her son Tyler to a heroin overdose.

“He died on September 28th, 2014,” said Bornstein.

The news that a mobile morgue was brought into the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office due to the recent surge in heroin overdoses hits close to home.

“It breaks my heart, it’s unbelievable. There’s no excuse for it we are slow to catch up on what we need to help,” said Bornstein.

“The mobile refrigerated trailer was brought to our office on June 17th to deal with a sudden increase in the number of decedent’s that we had. Over the weekend of June 16th we had 10 suspected overdose cases plus our other types of cases. We have permission to keep the trailer through the holiday in case we see an additional surge in cases,” said the medical examiner in a statement Tuesday.

“I’ve been an opioid addict my entire life, started on pills, went to a methadone clinic and eventually went to heroin from there,” said Reba McCray, a former addict and now director of ARC Recovery Services.

McCray has teamed up with Bornstein’s non-profit program called Breaking Barriers – Hope is Alive, which raises awareness and money to build a new recovery center in Akron.