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DOYLESTOWN, Ohio (WJW) – The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a substitute teacher who has worked in the Chippewa Local School District in Doylestown.

According to a statement from Superintendent Todd Osborn, the investigation is regarding whether the substitute shared inappropriate photographs with a student at the high school.

“We are fully cooperating with the Sheriff Department’s investigation. It is my understanding that this issue did not occur during school hours or on school grounds,” Osborn said in a statement.

According to the district, they were alerted to the investigation on Nov. 22.

The sheriff’s office tells FOX 8 the investigation is in the early stages.

“At the moment there does not appear to be any connection between the school and the alleged activity,” Captain Douglas Hunter said.

No one has been charged.

The district says the substitute has worked occasionally in their intermediate and elementary schools this year.

“…we have not found any instance of improper behavior in our classrooms,” Osborn said.

Although there are no charges in the case yet, Osborn says the district is taking action.

“Because of the egregious nature of the allegations, this individual will never teach in our district again, is barred from attending all school functions, banned from school grounds and prohibited from doing any business on behalf of the school,” Osborn told FOX 8.

He says he alerted the Tri-County Educational Service Center, the organization that provides the district with substitute teachers.

The substitute cleared a background check.

The district is conducting an internal investigation.