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CLEVELAND (WJW) – New research shows that Cleveland is among the top ten cities in the country to produce the most NFL players.

According to a study done by sports betting company, Online Betting Guide, Cleveland made eighth place with 220 football stars born in the city, just after New Orleans with 235 players.

So, how does this total compare to the rest of the country?

Top 10 US cities producing the most NFL players: 

  1. Chicago, Illinois: 494
  2. Los Angeles, California: 460
  3. Houston, Texas: 340
  4. Miami, Florida: 314
  5. Detroit, Michigan: 275
  6. Dallas, Texas: 258
  7. New Orleans, Louisiana: 235
  8. Cleveland, Ohio: 220
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 216
  10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 212

OLBG’s research shows that Cleveland has produced the 12th most major league athletes in the US, totaling at 395 with 27 NBA athletes, 137 MLB athletes and 11 NHL athletes.

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