(WJW) — Student loan borrowers waiting to take that first step to apply for loan forgiveness can now do so.

The Department of Education on Friday launched a beta version of the form needed to apply for Federal Student Loan Debt Relief. You can find it here.

“We’re accepting applications to help us refine our processes ahead of the official form launch. If you submit an application, it will be processed, and you won’t need to resubmit,” the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid office said on the website.

The student loan debt relief program is set up to provide eligible borrowers with full or partial discharge of loans up to $20,000 to Federal Pell Grant recipients and up to $10,000 to non-Pell Grant recipients.

Anyone who made less than $125,000 in 2021 or 2020, or families that made less than $250,000 in 2021 or 2020 will qualify for forgiveness in the program.

On Tuesday, the White House released a preview of the form, where applicants would need to give the department their name, social security, phone number, date of birth and email.

The department may also ask applicants to provide proof of income after the initial information is given.

A spokesman for the department told The Hill that there is no advantage to filling out the beta version versus filling out the form when it officially launches. The date for the official launch is not yet released.

“This testing period will allow the department to monitor site performance through real-world use, test the site ahead of the official application launch, refine processes, and uncover any possible bugs prior to official launch,” the spokesperson said. 

You have until Dec. 31, 2023 to apply.