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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio (WJW) — A surveillance camera captured two people trying to break into a home they thought was unoccupied. Now, police in Strongsville believe the pair might have also hit other homes where they successfully made their way inside.

Strongsville police received at least four reports of break-ins, which appeared to happen the night of November 2.

“In the video, we got a look at two of their faces, but they were covered up. They had their hoods up, so it was hard to see exactly who they were,” said Max, 17, whose family’s home was targeted.

Max says around 7 o’clock that evening he was home alone in the basement of his family’s home when his parents, who were out of town, texted him, after receiving a security system alert.
His mother asked that we not use the family’s last name.

“They sent me a text message saying there’s these two people in our backyard so I went upstairs and turned on our lights, possibly to dissuade them from entering our house, and it worked, they went away after about 10 or 15 minutes,” Max said.

While the two were in the backyard, they were being recorded by the home’s security cameras. The family said the suspect spotted and tore down two motion activated spot lights.

“They saw that we had a camera and that the lights had turned on, so they left,” he said.

According to Strongsville police, at least three other homes in the city were hit that same evening. The burglars targeted homes on Walnut Creek, Woodrun, Glenbrook and Countryside Drives.

“Police came by and my parents came home and told me that one of our neighbors, who’s friends with my parents, they were robbed and the police came over and confirmed what they had said,” said Max.

The burglars never made it inside of Max’s home, but other families were not as fortunate.

In one home, the suspects broke out a sliding glass door without taking anything, left another house in shambles and in another case, they stole more than $11,000 worth of valuables.

“I was a little nervous that they’d actually get in because it was just me in my home, and I didn’t really have any method to defend myself if they had carried any weapons,” said Max.

Strongsville police have not made any arrests. If you recognize the people in the video, you are asked to give them a call.