CLEVELAND (WJW) — FOX 8 anchor Tracy McCool remains strong and encouraged as she gives an update on her husband John’s journey with cancer.

In a Facebook post, she shared that “after months of appointments, scans, MRIs, second and third opinions John is finally in his second treatment of a clinical trial at James Cancer Center in Columbus” – calling it a road trip of a lifetime.

“We are letting the good Lord guide us,” she said in the post.

She credits doctors and nurses at the Cleveland Clinic who helped them get there.

“It wasn’t easy by any means and most people with John’s advanced stage cancer don’t make it this far,” she said. “We are blessed!”

She says she’s amazed at John’s courage and strength to keep pushing forward for his family, in spite of having to spend Father’s Day in bed because “the first few days after treatment are always rough.”

“I wish I could take one day of pain away from you just so you could feel normal again, laugh with you until it hurts in a funny way, enjoy life and our children the way we used to,” she said. “I know this has been the toughest challenge of your life, but I BELIEVE in you.”