(WJW) – The story of Northeast Ohio-native and notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer will premiere on Netflix Oct. 7.

According to Netflix companion site Tudum, the true crime docuseries Conversations with a Killer will highlight “never-before-heard audio from the Milwaukee serial killer.”

The series has already featured the stories of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.

According to Tudum, “Back for a third iteration, Conversations with a Killer uses never-before-heard audio interviews between Dahmer and his defense team to answer the big question: Why was Dahmer, who had been convicted of sexual assault of a minor in 1988, able to avoid suspicion and detection from police as he stalked Milwaukee’s gay scene for victims, many of whom were people of color? The three-part docuseries not only delves into the killer’s warped psyche but also examines police accountability through a modern-day lens. 

Meanwhile, “DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” premiered on Netflix Sept. 21. Tudum says the series “will give notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims a voice.”

Dahmer grew up in Bath Township. His childhood home was posted for sale in 2012.

He killed and dismembered 18-year-old Steven Mark Hicks shortly after he graduated from Revere High School.

Dahmer later moved to Wisconsin, where he killed most of his 17 victims over a time span of 13 years.