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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Storms blasted through much of Northeast Ohio Sunday afternoon into the evening, leaving some to deal with flooding and even power outages.

A tornado warning was even issued for parts of Lake and Ashtabula Counties, but didn’t last too long — about 30 minutes. But flood advisories and warnings persist in the area through the night.

The powerful storms generated scores of lightning strikes, including one that struck a utility police and power lines in Willowick, knocking out power to a neighborhood.

“All of the sudden, you heard the thunder and it was really loud, you could feel it was right over the houses and then the lightning hit and the house power popped, and I got up and looked out the front door, and the street was on fire,” said Willowick resident Christine Hutchinson.

Video captured by residents on East 326th Street (as seen at the top of the story) shows that after the power lines hit the ground, they would periodically flare up in flames.

“There was smoke everywhere, the smell was horrible, just every time it rained harder, the flames got bigger,” said Hutchinson.

When FOX 8 arrived at the scene, a utility crew was already in the neighborhood, working to making repairs and restore power.

Photo courtesy viewer Jill Hutchinson.

Elsewhere in Elyria (Lorain County), the National Weather Service reported places with 3-feet of water at one point.

Elyria flooding on Aug. 21 at Clark St. and Sumner St. Photo courtesy Sean C. Sutorius.

FirstEnergy power said the storms only affected about 2,000 of its customers in the state.

Meanwhile, multiple FOX 8 viewers sent in photos of rainbows after the storm passed them by.

Photo courtesy Molly Ruic in Lorain.

Rain is expected to continue into Monday. Find the latest FOX 8 weather forecast right here.