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LAKE COUNTY, Ohio – A quick but powerful storm Saturday night left cleanup crews busy on Sunday dealing with downed trees and power lines. At one point there were nearly 17,000 customers without power in Lake County.

A massive tree at the intersection of Wilson Avenue and Center Street in Willoughby was easily toppled by the wind Saturday night leaving a majority of the neighborhood in the dark.

Neighbors say they knew the tree was dead for years and were just happy it didn’t fall on any homes or vehicles.

“I saw sparks and so forth come from down the street near about where my house is and then as I approached the stop sign I noticed the tree was down in the middle of the road,” said Jeff Jones, “It’s been rotten and parts have been falling for years.”

Diane Sopicar lives in Willowick. A large branch fell from the tree in her yard damaging her pool, fence and ripping the power lines from their connection.

“There was a lot of wind we got the call that there was a tree that fell in our backyard,” she said.

According to First Energy’s website it could be Monday afternoon before power is restored.