SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) — A Chagrin Valley dispatcher has once again earned himself a “stork pin” after helping a mother deliver her baby over the phone.

Tyler Cantonwine earned his second stork pin after a South Euclid woman who was in labor called 911 on Nov. 30, according to a post on the Chagrin Valley Facebook page.

Just two minutes and 27 seconds into the phone call, the baby girl was born.

With instructions from Cantonwine, the mother cleared the baby’s airways and made sure she stayed warm until paramedics arrived, the post said.

“The mother and daughter were assessed throughout the transport and both were doing great,” South Euclid Fire Chief David Csire said.

Almost two years to the day, dispatcher Tyler earned his first stork pin. The baby in Richmond Heights was born 45 seconds into that phone call.

Cantonwine is now the only Chagrin Valley dispatcher on staff to receive more than one stork pin.