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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Nonpartisan advocacy group The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) says a movement to get a fourth stimulus check for seniors is moving forward.

The group issued a call to Congress to take action for Social Security recipients in September 2021, citing rising costs in Medicare, food, housing and transportation.

The petition asks for a $1,400 payment to people on Social Security.

The petition has been signed by more than 95,000 people, according to a recent tweet from TSCL.

“Soaring inflation has taken a toll on household finances of retired and disabled Social Security recipients,” the petition states.

The petition continues, “In 2021 Social Security benefits increased by just 1.3 percent raising the average benefit by only about $20 a month.  But about 86 percent of Social Security recipients surveyed say their expenses increased by much more than that amount.”

Click here to see the petition.

A petition calling for recurring $2,000 monthly payments for all Americans has more than 3 million signatures.