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MISSION, Kan. (WDAF) — Nearly four million Americans are still waiting for their economic stimulus payments.

For those without direct deposit, the United States Postal Service has a way that people can find out remotely when the payment will be delivered. 

Informed Delivery and tracking confirm are two of the best things we’ve come up with and we are really excited about showcasing it for you,” USPS Strategic Communications Specialist Mark Inglett told sister station WDAF

“Packages have the access and the capability to put tracking numbers on (them) … unfortunately, regular first class letters don’t have a tracking number on them, they have barcodes,” Inglett said.

The post office processes millions of pieces of regular mail and takes an image of the barcode on each. People who sign up for Informed Delivery will receive a digital image of what’s coming in the mail. One or two days before your stimulus check – or card – arrives, you will know it’s coming.

“It’s great!” Inglett said. “I have it myself and I get an email every morning so that I know it’s coming in the mail. I don’t want the bills but I want the checks and things like that so I get real excited about those.”

Go to the USPS Informed Delivery page to make sure you’re eligible for the service.

When people finally receive the envelope, they may find an Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Card instead of a check inside. The EIP Card is a Visa-branded card like those already used by the U.S. Treasury to provide Federal agencies with certain types of payments. 

Find more information on the EIP Cards here.

Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery here.