[Editor’s Note: the video above is a recent report on efforts to place recreational marijuana on November ballots in Ohio.]

PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – It’s still illegal in Ohio to grow marijuana without a permit. That’s the reminder law enforcement in Portage County posted to Facebook after using a helicopter to spot a handful of growing locations.

According to the post, on Aug. 15, law enforcement used a helicopter from the Ohio Department of Transportation to make several sweeps over Portage County. As a result, investigators found growing sites in Ravenna, as well as four other townships.

Officials say this is the first time in six years a helicopter has been used in the county to help search for marijuana.

No citations were issued, and no arrests were immediately made, but officials say the investigation is ongoing and noted that overall property owners were cooperative.

“Several admitted to growing pot and asked if officials wanted the homeowners to pull the plants for them,” said officials in the post.

The investigation netted law enforcement 105 plants that were growing in gardens, and throughout the properties.