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PARMA, Ohio (WJW) — Stearns Homestead announced today that two of its goats and one sheep are dead, following an unexplained incident that they say could be criminal activity.

In a Facebook post, the Parma farm said that one goat was discovered dead this morning in a pasture and that upon further investigation, two other animals were injured badly enough that a veterinarian determined they must be put down.

Police were reportedly called to investigate the incident, but no bullet casings were discovered. Other animals on the farm were hurt as well, the farm said, but no baby goats were injured.

A wild animal attack has not yet been ruled out, but the farm said “it seems unlikely that an animal would attack all the goats and sheep.”

The farm said it’s offering a reward to anyone who can offer information that would lead to an arrest and/or conviction of criminal activity.

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