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WASHINGTON- According to the Associated Press, Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States, as voters eager to shake up the nation’s political establishment pick the businessman to lead the country.

An unexpected Republican nominee, Trump rode a wave of support from voters seeking change and willing to accept a candidate loose with facts and accused of sexual misconduct.

In a victory that rattled financial markets worldwide, he upset Democrat Hillary Clinton, who would have become the first woman to serve in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton called to congratulate him on the victory.

**Trump called FOX 8 News Tuesday evening, right before the polls closed; listen here**

Trump took a dramatic step toward the White House Tuesday with crucial battleground victories in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

The victories were stunning for a candidate long seen as unlikely to win the presidency. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was confident it was competitive in places like Florida and North Carolina, and even sought to expand the map with recent visits to traditionally Republican states such as Arizona.

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The Ohio victory was especially important for Trump, as no Republican has won the White House without taking the Buckeye State.


Battle for Congress

The presidential election was not the only close race Tuesday. Democrats are battling to grab back the Senate from Republicans and scored their first pickup when war veteran Tammy Duckworth won her race against Republican Sen. Mark Kirk in Illinois.

Democrats need a net gain of five seats to recapture the Senate. If Clinton wins the presidency, four pickups would be enough to allow her vice president, Tim Kaine, to cast the deciding vote in an evenly split chamber.

In the first significant Senate result of the night, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman won re-election, defeating former Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat.

The GOP, meanwhile, will hold onto the House of Representatives.

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