GRAFTON, OHIO (WJW) – One year after the Uvalde school massacre a Lorain County school district is taking action to better protect students. Providing life-saving medical supplies in every classroom and training hundreds of staff members on how to give aid in the event of a school shooting.

“Any way we can make the buildings a little safer we’re going to try,” said Midview Local School District Superintendent Bruce Willingham.

Midview received 180 “Stop the Bleed,” kits as part of a national campaign designed to empower and train bystanders to help during a bleeding emergency. Medical kits include trauma shears to cut off clothing, chest seals, a type of bandage for deep wounds, and tourniquets among other supplies.

“Right now, when something happens if something happens within a building, we’re waiting on the first responders to get there,” said Willingham. “There could be people that are hurt, injured.”

Medical kits worth about $18,000 dollars were donated to the district by the Eaton Township Fire and Rescue Department which approached the local company Ross Environmental Services for assistance with the cost.

“It’s unfortunate that this need exists but these are the times we live in so if this helps…students and the parents feel just a little bit safer we were happy to do it,” said Ross Environmental Services spokesperson Andy Sedlak.

The district is home to about 3,200 students and nearly 400 staff members. School staff was trained earlier this year by Eaton Township first responders along with University Hospitals staff on how to use the medical supplies.

“With everything that’s gone on in the world, with the Uvalde shooting dating all the way back to Columbine, the sooner we can get help to somebody the better the outcome’s going to be,” said Kevin Blair, Assistant Fire Chief at the Eaton Township Fire department.

“I do have kids here but there’s a lot of kids that were responsible for so by having it in each classroom it gives those kids a chance should the unthinkable ever happen.”

Willingham said next school year a second school resource officer will be assigned to the district campus spanning nearly 100 acres.