AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — “I was 45 when I started as a head coach here at St. Vincent-St. Mary,” said coach Dru Joyce II.

That was more than two-decades ago. In fact, coach Joyce and LeBron James arrived together at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in 1999.

One becoming an NBA superstar, the other catapulting the Irish into one of the best high school boys basketball programs in Ohio; winning the Division II state championship for the seventh time this year.

It’s a goal coach Joyce sets year after year.

“I go into every season believing that for sure. I definitely have a good feel for the team,” he said.

And now, the names James and Joyce will forever be linked inside this building. On Sunday, coach Joyce receiving top honors as the school unveiled the new Coach Dru Joyce Court inside the LeBron James Arena.

WJW photo

Coach Joyce says the renaming of the court didn’t come as a surprise, but when they asked who he wanted to help with the unveiling, that’s when the surprise happened and the emotions took over.

Among the hundreds in the crowd, and part of the unveiling, were members of the first team of coach Joyce’s reign, famously called the Fab Five, including LeBron James.

Joyce said, “To have them come out and share their thoughts and their feelings with me and how much that time that they spent with me meant to them and in their lives, that’s very humbling and very rewarding to hear those words.”

So in black cursive, Joyce’s name will forever be prominent; a living example of how to be a good coach, father and husband on and off the court.

“This is an on-going legacy,” he said. “This story doesn’t have an ending, write your chapter and make it good.”