CLEVELAND (WJW) – There’s a lot of pressure associated with preparing Thanksgiving dinner for a normal family – now imagine doing it for thousands of hungry people in Cuyahoga County.

That’s the challenge faced each year by Catholic Charities and its volunteers at St. Augustine Church.

“We’re just always really grateful for the volunteers,” Director of Emergency Assistance Services Meghan Pitrak said. “We have a kind of small but mighty staff, but without the volunteers we would never be able to serve the numbers that we’re anticipating.”

To have a little bit of fun between the weeks of hard work, Catholic Charities hosted a turkey carving competition, and a pumpkin pie eating contest.

On Thanksgiving, Catholic Charities will serve 1,000 meals in person at both the St. Augustine Hunger Center and the Bishop Cosgrove Center, but the bulk of the meals will come by the cars of hundreds of volunteers.

“You can’t underestimate what it feels like to deliver a meal to somebody who, the whole family might be waiting there,” Pitrak said. “And they’re ready to have a meal, and they get to enjoy it because of the work that we do here leading up to Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving Day.”

Father Joe McNulty even stopped by for a visit to check on the volunteers.

“No one should be without a Thanksgiving dinner,” he said. “So, people who need it should call the Catholic Charities for it and people who want to volunteer it would be an honor to have you.”

The biggest need for assistance on Thanksgiving is for delivery drivers. Catholic Charities said show up to Barons Arena at 5310 Hauserman Road on Nov. 24 at 9:30 a.m. to load your car with the number of meals you would like to deliver. That’s also when you’ll get your delivery route.