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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cuyahoga County is reporting 30 suspected overdose deaths so far in July.

The county medical examiner, Dr. Thomas Gilson, said “expedited” forensic testing is now underway to determine what drug, or drugs, may be responsible for the recent spike.

In the meantime, a public health alert has been issued.

“With only just over one-third of the month behind us, overdose deaths are mounting quickly.  Our concern for the public health and welfare compels us to issue these alerts and to provide as much information to the public as soon as possible,” said Gilson in a press release.

Gilson said officials are continually on the lookout for new trends in street drugs. Such as carfentanial, which lead to a number of overdose deaths in 2017.

At the current rate, Cuyahoga County is expected to suffer at least 700 overdose deaths this year. 

“I caution everyone to be on the lookout and take all necessary safeguards to protect their lives,” said Gilson.


  • Here is a list of community walk-in clinics.
  • Information on naloxone kits, the opioid reversing antidote, can be found, here.
  • Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County provides a 24-hour crisis hotline at 216-623-6888.