CANTON, Ohio (WJW) – The sights and sounds of summer are in full effect with kids hitting the skateboard park near downtown Canton.

But the fun and games will soon have to come to an end at night for the city’s minors.

“We have had a surge in juvenile related violence,” Canton Police Chief John Gabbard said.

Gabbard and city leaders are now taking action.

Starting Wednesday, the expanded curfew means kids 17 and younger will not be allowed on city streets between 11p.m. and 6 a.m.

“I think it’s great. What good actually happens after 11 at night?” said one parent.

So far this year, juveniles represent 27% of all major violent crime, which is up from 15% last year.

Seven juveniles have been charged in relation to homicides. Nine homicide suspects this year are under the age of 20 and three homicide victims are also under 20-years old.

“Juvenile arrests here in the city of Canton up 128% compared to the same time last year,” Gabbard said. “One of my strategies has been try to determine what juveniles need our attention most. Even if that attention with their families is resources, outreach, whatever it is we can do to make a difference to stop them from being victims and suspects.”

Anyone under 18 caught breaking curfew will be taken to the police station with their parents potentially facing a misdemeanor charge. Initial offenses will be given a warning. Repeat violators could end up in the custody of child protective services.

“We will charge parents and it will start costing them money just like a traffic ticket until we can feel they’re being accountable for holding their kids responsible for where they’re at and what they’re doing.”

Minors are exempt from the curfew if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian or if they are traveling for work, certain organized activities or emergencies.