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CLEVELAND (WJW) — With cool temps and sunny skies, it was a beautiful day to say goodbye.

“He was warm, he embraced everyone, he just loved being here, he loved everything he did,” said Dick Goddard‘s daughter, Kim.

It was a conversation that you never want to have with a loved one, but you have to do it. Kim Goddard’s dad told her that when his time came, he didn’t want a big fuss.

He wanted to be cremated and his remains placed under a tree in a shaded place he would’ve liked.

Everyone knows Kim’s dad. She had to share him with all Northeast Ohio over his long and storied career.

“People were like I love you Dick Goddard. He was always so humble, he’d wave to people, shake hands or fist bump, autographs, he embraced all of that, that’s why so many people loved him, he was just like everybody else,” Kim said.

Mr. Goddard meant so much to so many people, so Kim wanted to find not just one but many trees where he could rest.

And the first tree is in the FOX 8 Weather Garden; a place where he spent so much of his life, and a place where he was happy.

“Of quiet birds circling in flight, I am the soft star singing at night, do not stand by my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die. No fear,” Kim read a poem over the spot where she interred a part of her dad’s ashes.

Some may think this is unusual, but this is what he wanted, to be among the vibrant flowers and the wind whispering in the trees, where the animals that he loved might find a place to rest with him.

“He was very humble. He didn’t want a big memorial. I think he knows the good work that he did and I think he was just okay with that,” Kim said.

Kim says she also plans to spread some of Dick’s ashes under a tree at a new dog park that will bear his name in Vermilion.

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