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SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio– It’s not unusual for police officers to be threatened.

But South Euclid Police Chief Kevin Nietert says what happened Tuesday is a first.

“The suspect said he cast the Haitian Spirit of Death and Afterlife, Baron Samedi, upon officers,” Nietert told FOX 8.

The FOX 8 I-Team obtained South Euclid police body camera video that shows officers as they arrive on scene to a domestic dispute shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Police reports state 29-year-old Andre Williams refused to identify himself, and kept telling police he was casting the Haitian spirit of death on them.

The body camera shows Williams as he tells officers about the Haitian spirit.

“Because with Baron Samedi on you, you are all going to die tonight,” Williams can be heard telling officers.

The officers arrested Williams after he failed to identify himself. When he was taken to jail, police say he slapped an officer and damaged a video camera.

Williams now faces several charges including assaulting a police officer.

Bond was set at $3,500. Court records show he posted bond Tuesday afternoon.

The chief says the officers are not worried about the curse.

“When you read the police report the officer added a little levity to the situation,” the chief said. “He wrote that he is still waiting for the spirit to show up.”