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LINCOLN, Nebraska (WJW) — Employees at one Nebraska Family Dollar walked off the job over the weekend following staffing shortages and reported unfair working hours and conditions.

Posting a note on the door Sunday, the employees wrote: “We all quit! Sorry for the inconvenience.” Although the store has now reopened for business, it was closed at least for a time.

FOX Business news caught up with the store’s former assistant manager, who said she was one of the few people left working after a number of employees quit. Breanna Faeller described long working hours and store conditions where the AC barely functioned and the bathroom had been out of order for the last week.

After quitting, she said she felt a sense of relief.

“I had no more stress wondering if I was going to be the only one working that day,” Faeller told FOX Business. “I felt horrible at the same time, I had a lot of regular customers that I enjoyed talking to every day but I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

Family Dollar has not yet commented on the situation.